Creating Asthma Friendly Environments

Children and youth with asthma need to be supported where they live, learn and play.

The goal of this website is to provide recommendations and resources for organizations to develop asthma friendly and supportive environments for children and youth. Recommendations and resources are organized by your role in creating asthma-friendly environments. Empowering children in a supportive environment helps children develop life-long skills for controlling their asthma. Your commitment to creating and maintaining an asthma-friendly environment will lead the better well-being and safety of children and youth in your care. 

Sport, Recreation & After School

This section of the website is intended for use by after-school and weekend programs, including arts, clubs and recreational and competitive sport programs.  Creating and maintaining asthma friendly environments demonstrates a program’s commitment to the safety, well-being and achievement of children and youth, as well as its commitment to assisting them in reaching their full potential.

An asthma friendly and supportive program/team will:

  • know which children and youth have asthma and/or use asthma medicine
  • ensure that reliever medications are easily accessible
  • ensure that staff are prepared to identify and handle worsening asthma and asthma emergencies
  • reduce exposure to asthma triggers
  • facilitate participation of children and youth with asthma in all activities
  • provide opportunities for staff to learn about asthma
  • partner with children and youth with asthma, their parents/guardians and community organizations to successfully manage asthma